Month: September 2018

6 Reasons to Love Gardening with Children

For the most part, my memories of gardening as a kid are vague. There are a few specific ones—like that my mom’s favorite tomato varieties at the time were called Early Girl and Better Boy ( I thought it was funny that the plants were “boys” and “girls”). With our wild mountain property, she always cautioned me to keep an eye and ear out for snakes. I remember our corn harvests were a little underwhelming. But aside from that I couldn’t tell you much about our little plot and what we grew on it. Tomatoes were the main thing I appreciated, since I didn’t like squash til I was older and we never grew peppers.
Yet, clearly the garden had an effect on me.
From an early age I would declare “yard work” my favorite family chore, and I loved biology in school. I am still a big fan of fruits and veggies to this day, even many that I did not like in those days. And as I’m sure you can guess from this blog, the garden is still my happy place—where magic happens daily and the cares of the world disappear into the calm silence of growing things.