Gardening Basics & FAQ

Welcome, beginner gardener, this page is for you!  Learn the basics of what you need to know to have a thriving garden…. Whether you’re completely new, or wisely want to get a better understanding of the foundations of gardening.

Learn how to fix a brown thumb, choose the right soil, choose fertilizer to feed your plants, or start your first garden.

Find out the easiest type of garden for beginners, or learn what you need to grow veggies in pots if you prefer. Figure out why your garden isn’t producing well, or make sure you’re not making any common watering mistakes.

You can also check out how I set up my garden to be hands-off and do the work for me!

Ready to grow organic vegetables like a pro? Make sure you have these three things on hand to conquer almost any organic garden problem you face!

Top 3 Items for the Organic Garden Toolkit

What an exciting thing to see so many newbies jumping into vegetable gardening this spring! If you’re new, I can’t wait for you to literally taste the exciting, rewarding feeling of growing your own food. But, gardening still takes work and practice so you may find it has its challenges! With these solutions in hand, …

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eBook: Tips for Your First Garden!

Perhaps you’ve noticed–2020 and 2021 have seen a huge surge of people starting their first garden! Since this site was created for the purpose of sharing newbie tips for starting a garden, I’m excited to offer the best info I can to make it easy and accessible for anyone to learn to grow vegetables. Whether …

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Demystifying Dirt: Choosing & Preparing Soil for Your Garden

Have you ever wandered among stacked bags of dirt at the garden store, wondering how there could possibly be that many types of dirt? If you’re wondering if you need to use special soil at all, the answer is YES.   As an old gardening saying goes, “If you have a dollar and a garden, spend ten …

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3 Essentials for a Successful Container Garden

So maybe you don’t have a good spot for a garden bed, or you’d just prefer to start small.  But do know that container gardening has added challenges. Previous failure at growing plants in pots does not necessarily mean you are bad at gardening, or that you wouldn’t be successful with a different, more fool-proof …

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Gardening Made Easy for the beginner and busy person alike

A Garden That Does the Work For You

I don’t think you’ll ever hear anyone use the word “easy” to describe life with twins, especially the first couple years. I suppose most of the smart people in my life figured I would take the year off from gardening. Maybe I should have.  But gardening is like a breath of fresh air to me, something that turned out to be invaluable when it felt like we were barely keeping our heads above water. 

I suppose it still feels that way sometimes. But suffice it to say I never seriously considered giving up my garden while my babies were young. I just had to find a way to make it work for me, instead of making me work for it.

When to Start a Vegetable Garden: Planting Dates

Do all the lists of planting dates you see just leave you more confused about when to start a vegetable garden? Maybe I’ve got a unique perspective writing this post… I don’t know about you, but when I see lists on Pinterest of suggested planting dates–exact, actual dates–I shake my head… because where I come …

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Fix a “Black Thumb:” Top 5 Plant Care Mistakes

“…I Just have a black thumb when it comes to growing things!” To be honest, I don’t often really believe this statement when I hear it from someone.  Or rather, I don’t believe that it’s an unchangeable fact! Sure, I believe you’ve accidentally killed some plants. Haven’t we all?  But I also believe that with …

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