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Welcome to The Very Easy Veggie Garden!

This site is for everyone who has ever said, “I’d like to have a vegetable garden, but…” 

Whether your schedule is too busy, your thumb is too brown, or your spot is too small, my goal is to help you find simple solutions to make a garden work for you.

You’ll also find my favorite recipes, tips, and ways to use your vegetables. Looking forward to growing with you!

Not sure where to start?  

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How do I start a garden?

What do I need to know before planning and planting my garden?

WHEN should I plant?

I want to grow a garden in pots or containers.

Help–I have a brown thumb or always kill my plants!

My vegetable plants lived but I never got many veggies from them. Why not?

I want a garden, but I don’t have time!

What kind of fertilizer or plant food should I get?

How much water do my plants need?

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