Quick & Simple Grilled Squash or Zucchini

A friend of mine recently brought up a discussion about how different people refer to a barbecue grill. Some people say grilling, some people say BBQ, etc… I hadn’t really thought about it much, since I think I use both terms (mostly grill) until last night as I was shopping at the local farmers market  and had a funny conversation with another customer.

We were both admiring some large, colorful summer squash, and I remarked, “These ones are really good sliced and put on the grill!”

“Oh,” she replied, “you should try putting them on the barbecue! They’re really good. I season them with black pepper.”

“Oh ok,” I said, a little confused and amused, “Thanks!”

I usually hate when people don’t listen to me, but with strangers it’s a bit funny. You know, in thinking about it, most of my farmers’ market conversations have been a bit odd!

All that to say, perhaps my little secret recipe I’m about to share isn’t such a secret, but it really is tasty! Even my sweet toddler daughter was a fan of this grilled squash!!

My favorite recipe for grilled squash or zucchini on the bbq! Perfect if you're looking for an easy summer side dish or vegetable grilling recipe.

Steps to Grilled Squash:

I like about 1/4” thick. Cut either length or width wise depending on the size and shape of the squash.

Rub or drizzle the slices with olive oil (optional) and sprinkle with your favorite seasoning ( I like garlic powder and seasoned salt).

Put them on the hot grill and cook until they’re as tender as you like. Go for lower and slower if you like them soft, or quicker if you like them a bit crisp.

Enjoy!  If you need more zucchini recipes, my great grandma’s zucchini bread is another favorite!

I’ve definitely noticed that my own garden squash have even better flavor than the store bought kind, especially the different heirloom varieties and unique hybrids! Did you know summer squash comes in many different varieties, not just zucchini and yellow? My favorite for flavor is called “Magda.” But for production, so far nothing can beat cocozelle di Napoli!   If unique and heirloom veggie seed varieties sound interesting to you, you will love www.rareseeds.com!

Are you ready to start your own garden and have squash and zucchini coming out your ears?  Start here to learn all about starting a garden for beginners!