gifts for gardeners for mother's day, Christmas, or any day of the year!

Garden Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day (or any day!)

Lately, it seems holidays are even more precious than usual. So I thought I’d make up a list of some fun garden gift ideas for the gardeners and plant lovers in your life so you can get shopping! I’ve got ideas for every price point, and I’ll probably keep adding as I think of more. I’ve even included a few charity options to give in honor of your favorite gardener.

Feel free to share these garden gift ideas with your family if you see ideas you like yourself–I know I do! 😉 And please let me know in the comments any gift ideas I missed!

Links are provided for your convenience. Some are affiliate links, meaning a small percent may go to support this blog if you decide to purchase, but some are not.

Garden Gifts That Keep Growing


One of the easiest and cheapest garden gift ideas is seeds. And no, a gardener can never have too many! Botanical interests (above) has gift-ready themed seed collections like butterfly garden, cat garden, heat tolerant or drought tolerant veggies, hot pepper collection, children’s garden, or container-friendly varieties. Baker Creek Heirloom seeds is well known for its many varieties of unique and colorful veggies (striped tomatoes? purple carrots, broccoli, beans and kale?) and has gift cards available.

Plants by Stark Bro's

Grow Kits (Mushrooms & Microgreens)

If you’re looking for unique gifts for gardeners that love to grow every new item they can think of, it doesn’t get much more unique than mushrooms. I’ve done a little research into how to grow mushrooms at home from scratch, but after several very complicated youtube videos I decided a kit sounds much easier and less time consuming. Plus, the one above is discounted right now! Oyster mushrooms have a mild and delicious flavor. Just make sure the recipient likes mushrooms!

These microgreen kits from Hamama (above) are another kitchen garden gift idea I would love to try myself! Did you know microgreens have even more nutrients per bite than their full grown friends? They seem simple to grow, but can be a little messy or tricky for first timers. That’s why I love the simplicity of Hamama’s “just add water” seed quilts. A week or so later, you’ll have nutrient-packed microgreens to garnish your salad, soup, dinner, or sandwich, right from your kitchen window!

Urban leaf and True Leaf Market (below) both also have microgreen growing kits. They’re not quite as one-step simple as Hamama’s but they still look great!

Beginner-Friendly Kitchen Herb Garden

Urban Leaf also has some great gifts for plant lovers or home cooks. Their herb kits come with simple instructions just for budding growers. I especially love the bottle herb growing kit, which comes with little plugs that includes seeds & soil, just add water and pretty bottles. Click the photo below to check them out.

Urban Leaf Complete Herb Garden Kit Urban Leaf Exotic Basil Bottle Garden

Automatic Indoor Gardens!

If you’re interested in beginner hydroponics or indoor growing, AeroGarden hydroponic indoor gardens have lights & premixed nutrients so they can grow indoors with ease even for non-green-thumbs.

Click & Grow is very similar to Aerogarden. Keep an eye out for sales.

GNRL Click & Grow

Garden Care Gifts

Plant protectors like the ones below may not seem very gifty, but I can tell you these are the best! If your gardener has ever complained about cold temperatures killing their little veggie seedlings, these wall-o-water style season extenders are a life saver. They create an insulating layer around plants since the water doesn’t get cold as quickly as the air does. Just like an insulated little mini-greenhouse!

For anyone who spends a lot of time in the garden, a garden seat or kneeler could make very practical garden gift ideas. This one actually doubles as either a bench or a kneeling pad and has pockets for tools. There are even rolling garden seats to sit and scoot along through the rows.

Speaking of rolling, collapsible garden wagons are a great gift for gardeners to cart their plants and anything else around the yard. Amazon has some good deals and black Friday sales here.

The Roo Garden Apron makes a great garden gift idea for homesteaders or those with bigger gardens. It has smaller pockets for phone or tools, and a large adjustable main pouch that allows you to gently dump your produce out the bottom when finished picking.

the Greenstalk garden is a high quality vertical garden that makes an great gift for gardeners with limited space. 40% off this week if you use my code EASYVEGGIES

Ok, this one is not exactly garden related. But I noticed Amazon has several amazing (like half off) Black Friday deals on at-home ice cream makers today. They’d be a great gift for families who like to make things at home (and many gardeny families do). Home grown, homemade berry ice cream anyone??

Garden & Farm Related Charities

If you’re looking for meaningful gifts for gardeners that already have everything they need, why not give the gift of gardening to a needy family in their honor? There are lots of ways you can do this, I’ll share a few favorites I know of. You can print out a page or make a little card to share what you’ve given (some organizations will even send one).

ECHO, or Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, is one super interesting and unique charity that gardeners can get excited about. They develop innovative agricultural and food production techniques for different climates that can be easily reproduced in areas of poverty, and then provide training in these techniques (as well as resources and seeds) all across the world. I once took a tour of their farm headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida, and was fascinated as I learned so much cool stuff! For instance I learned about moringa, an African “miracle bush” with extremely nutritious leaves, and seeds that can make a powder to help purify water. I could probably write a whole page about ECHO, but I’ll spare you. Check out their “gift catalog” here (if you click on any gift you’ll see multiple price options).

There are several charity “gift catalogs” that include the option to give livestock and gardening or farming supplies. Children’s Hunger Fund is one Christian charity I like because they also focus on connecting people and providing relationships with local churches for extra support. Heifer International and Save the Children are two popular non-religious charities with similar gift catalog options.

Gardening Slogan T shirts & Mugs

LookHuman has an entire collection of funny plant-themed shirts, mugs, and pins here. My personal favorite might be “Introverted but will discuss plants.” The link above has several funny designs not shown below (and a sale currently), but the gallery below has some good ones too.

Home GrownI Grow My Own Food

For more easy gifts for plant lovers, you could try a fun unique plant pot like these with any indoor plant. What are your favorite garden gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below!!

And keep an eye out for sales on vertical garden planters!

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